Laminarie and DOM la cupola del Pilastro are Members of European Network Trans Europe Halles  

The most recent projects:


2015 - 2017 HECUBA - Ports and suburbs along the Mediterranean Sea

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See full description, photos and videos of performance Ecuba (in italian) >

HECUBA project sums up Laminarie theatre company’s wish for “getting closer” to things. Professor Claudio Meldolesi once wrote “Laminarie expresses its vocation to contact – with matter, with objects, with words, with bodies, with the world inside and outside the theatre scene, with the places – and through interconnections between fairy tales and tragedy, playing and thinking, creative and fighting experiences, between city center and outskirts”.

HECUBA weaves together a theatre research for the production of a new play with the desire to approach new audiences to the languages of performing art.
The goal of this project is double:
- to create a new performance that is nourished by several experiences in different cities and countries
- to test the specific method of “neighbourhood activation” developped by the company in the Pilastro area in Bologna by extending it to different territories and countries.

The project last three years (2015-2016-2017) and involves five italian suburbs and small villages where there’s a lack of stable theatre structures, and several ports along the Mediterranean Sea.

We decided to focus on Hecuba’s character because:
- the Greek tragedy is universal and it can be used as a mean of dialogue between different cultures people across the Mediterranea Sea. Its characters are strong enough to involve people of different ages and backgrounds.
- Hecuba is the story of a war told by the perspective of losers. It’s a symbol of a possible change of point of view in History’s narration.

In each place, the project will mark out specific characteristics in order to meet the local context.
Laminarie is looking for local partners interested in the project in order that are wiling to cover the role of benckmarks of the local context and can help us building the relationship with places and people. Laminarie’s intent is to take root in suburbs and ports along the Mediterranean Sea, working with local people and actors such as associations, libraries, institutions, schools and so on. Activities may include: workshops, conversations and meetings, lectures, involvment of citizens and local actors, single or collective narrations, urban performances, shows, video and so on. At the same time, the production of Laminarie’s new performances is going to get richer and richer while each new step is added to the final dramaturgy.

HECUBA is part of Europe Grand Central, a project supported by Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


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Laminarie started a theatre research about Constantin Brâncusi in 2012. Then, during Summer 2013, Laminarie theatre group toured all over Europe on the tracks of great Romanian artist. Laminarie’s project dedicated to Constantin Brâncusi was not just a simple theatre tournée, but a real journey that the company undertook in a van, for more than 6.000 km, passing through six cities and their theatres, museums, cultural centres, performing on four different stages and presenting two public conferences. Laminarie’s troupe followed the legendary trip that the Romanian artist made by foot at the beginning of the XXth century to reach Paris from his home country, Romania. The journey was completed thanks to the suppport of several European Institutions, Theatres, Cultural Centres, Art Galleries such as: National Museum in Bucharest, Italian Cultural Institute in Bucharest, Bulandra Theatre in Bucharest, Targu Jiu City, Timisoara Consulate, Bakelit Multi Art Center in Budapest, Avant Rue in Paris, Tornabuoni Art in Paris, MAMbo – Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna.



Since year 2006, Laminarie theatre company realized a theatre research about great american painter Jackson Pollock. This research led to three different theatre productions, which have been hosted in major theatres and festival such as Santarcangelo International Festival, Hunter College in New York and Peggy Guggenheim’s Collection Exhibition in Vercelli (Italy). The performance Jackson Pollock. On The Other Hand was presented in Bologna for Arte Fiera in January 2008. The performance was especially realized to be presented in New York city in spring 2008 at Hunter College in Park Avenue. In July 2008, Jackson Pollock. On The Other Hand was also presented at Santarcangelo International Festival.


2007-2010 triennial project in TOKYO

In 2007 Laminarie presented in Tokyo the project dedicated to children LONTANOVICINO at ShiodomeItalia Creative Center, during Italian Spring organized 
by Italian Embassy. Laminarie presented to children and japanese families its show Jack and the beanstalk and several workshops for children. Laminarie’s relationship with Japan continued in Italy with performance EMAKI, an itinerant show produced with the support of Japan Foundation e with the participation of three japanese performers.

· 2009 VISIONI
The interest aroused in Tokyo from Laminarie’s research open the door to continuative collaboration with some local partners. In June 2009, Laminarie went back 
to Tokyo for a research trip in order to get in touch with japanese organizations whose work and poetics is particulary similar to Laminarie’s and visiting venues with original and interesting architectures.

The latest project involved several partners and it was dedicated to different publics. It included the presentation of site-specific performances, residencies 
and workshop and the preview of Laminarie’s latest performance You Don’t Know Me at Koishikawa Annex University of Tokyo Museum.