fotografia STORIA SENZA NOMELaminarie theatre group has been founded in 1994 and it has its headquarters in Bologna, Italy.
Since 2009, Laminarie 
directs theatre DOM La cupola del Pilastro, in convention with Bologna Local Administration. The group’s mission aims at discovering new ways to communicate within the avant-garde theatre. The group has a mature audience production line and a young audience production line. 
For well over ten years the company has developed its own character, which borders with architecture and visual arts, cinema, literatures. The final works have been performed at festivals, in theatres and hosted by domestic and international institutions.



“To enter somewhere and to try, through the theatrical use of space, to build a place: this is one of Laminarie’s main characteristics”.

Marino Pedroni, Vita e Fiaba Meeting – Bologna University, May 2005


“I’d say Laminarie realizes a kind of approaching theatre, nourished with all the challenges of the tragedies and the fairy tales that they have staged. Laminarie lets the public live inside the worlds that are represented on the scene, bringing us closer to the great enchantments of theatre. In the variety of Emilia Romagna’s theatre companies, Laminarie is an exceptional group, both ancient and strategic. As a new art family, they puts us in contact with the pregnancy of facts and they oblige us to be present, showing us the possibility of theatre to flourish inside reality”.

Claudio Meldolesi, Tragedia e fiaba, Il teatro di Laminarie 1996 -2008; Titivillus edition, 2008


laminarie0530“Often the theatre work of the youngest generations is weak since it focuses only on the representation’s system, extinguishing in this way its task. Laminarie’s work, though, studies some morphological aspects of representation but it also expresses its reflected thought about the world. Laminarie’s work is not only directed towards theatre, but shows an open thought about the direction of living…”

Fabio Acca, Tragedia e fiaba, il teatro di Laminarie 1996 -2008; Titivillus edition, 2008



 “Laminarie’s group is made of architects of stories, creators of extraordinary spaces and unexpected situations. They are working with childhood in a very serious and intense way, creating a deep relationship with visual arts languages and producing strong and contemporary performance where different arts can meet”.

Alessandra Belledi, Teatro delle Briciole di Parma




Laminarie and DOM la cupola del Pilastro are Members of European Network Trans Europe Halles

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